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Pau D'Arco Taheebo Diabetes Study

Many of our customers use our tea to help them with their diabetes. Since diabetes is a condition that needs to be monitored daily in order to ascertain the amount of medication to take, it is something that lends itself to study since data is already being measured and gathered. If you are pre-diabetic, or have diabetes, please help us with our study - it's the only way we can help more people.

If your are taking medication to treat any condition, please keep taking your medication until your daily measurements are at a level where your doctor has told you to reduce the amount of medication. For diabetes, you are measuring your blood sugar level daily in order to regulate the correct dosage of medication.

Please help us by simply keeping track of your results on a daily basis:

Please also tell us about any other ailments you may be drinking our taheebo tea to help you with. Please phone or email us. Your information will be kept confidential and only included in statistical analysis. Thank you in advance - you just might help save a life!

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